2. マレーシア Malaysia



撮影場所:クアラルンプール市街 撮影日:2004年9月 撮影者:Honoria(管理人)
photograph by Honoria (webmaster) in Kuala Lumpur, in Septermber 2004


Malaysian traffic lights are vertical with three lights (from top): red, amber and green.
They are 3-state lights, i.e. blue, amber, red, blue ...
The crossing roads are yellow horizontal lines.
I heard crossing roads with horizontal lines are called European style and those with two vertical lines are American style.
If they are true, Malaysia probably followed European or British style because Malaysia was colonized by UK for a long time.
They keep to the left on the road, like in UK too.

In Japan the sign for crossing roads is in blue and white while in Malaysia they are in yellow and black.
The 'man' in traffic lights for pedestrians actually 'walks and runs' (animation).

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