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6. フランス France

車用   人用

撮影場所 Placeアンボワーズ
撮影日 Date2005年2月
撮影者 PhotographerHHN



歩行者信号は青しかなく、 点いていない=わたってはいけない ということなのだろう。


These photos were taken by HHN, a friend of mine who travelled France and Germany.

The traffic lights for pedestrians have only one light(blue). So, if the light is off, it means "Don't Walk".
I guess that French people do not always obey the lights.
Boss, a foreign student from French said, "In Japan drivers watch not pedestrians but lights, while in French they watch pedestrians, not lights."

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stylish pedestrians

撮影場所 PlaceSarrebourg
撮影日 Date2005年2月
撮影者 PhotographerNGS



This photo was given by Mr. NGS, who visited this website.

In this light, the men put their hands on their waist. They seem somehow stylish to me. Probably they are in France, the nation of fashon. (It must be my prejudice.)

It may possible that this sign means "Cross with your hands on your waist".

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