13. シンガポール Singapore


歩行者用信号機 lights for pedestrians   車用信号機 lights for cars

歩行者用信号機 lights for pedestrians

すすめ  とまれ

撮影者:WRN 撮影場所:不明 撮影日:2005年11月
Photographs by WRN, place unknown, November 2005


あれ? でも、信号が点灯してない!?
ふつう、青か赤かのどっちかはつくだろ。どうなってるんだ?? 実は故障中? でもカウント減ってるし……。時間は表すけど、赤か青かは自分で決めるのか??


I guess the red number next to the light counts down the time of green light.
I saw something like this in Malaysia.
... Hey, wait! Neither lights is flashing!?
Is it broken? Are pedestrians supposed to decide whether the count-down is for green light or red?

The building behind the light is Hindu shrine.
I heard there are many people whose ancestors are from India.
Somebody once said to me the reason,
'when Singapore and Malaysia were colony of UK, British built plantations of gumtrees and brought many workers from India, which was also British colony then.
Because there were more poor people in Southern India, where a large number of Tamil lived and still live, and many of them came to Malaysia to get a job.
This is why there are many Tamils in Malaysia and Singapore.'
My guidebook of Malaysia introduces some Tamil phrases.
As somebody said to me, Tamil must be common in Malaysia.


車用信号機 traffic lights for cars

撮影者:WRN 撮影場所:不明 撮影日:2005年11月
Photograph by WRN, place unknown, November 2005


シンガポールといえば、Singaporeってどんな意味だかご存知でしたか。サンスクリット語で「ライオンの町」(simha- pura)らしいです。

I had thought they keep to left in Singapore because it used to be British colony, but in reality they keep to right.

By the way, do you know the meaning of 'Singapore'?
It means 'lion's city' in Sanskrit.

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