中国の信号機 Page 2 (天津) Traffic Lights in China (page 2) Tianjin


Page 1: 上海の信号機 traffic lights in Shanghai

Page 2: 車用信号機(天津) lights for cars in Tianjin  歩行者用信号機(天津) lights for pedestrians in Tianjin

車用信号機(天津) traffic lights for cars in Tianjin


撮影者:根っこ 撮影場所:天津 撮影日:2006年
Photographs by Nekko, in Tianjin, 2006


These pictures were taken by Nekko, who was studying Chinese in China.
Though in a same country, the traffic lights in Tianjin are quite different from those in Shanghai.
I've never seen such lights shaped like a bar.
Some lights seem to have too large blue lights. I wonder where they can place red and yellow lights.
Nekko told me how this kind of lights works.
'When it turns blue, the light turns blue all over. As time goes by, the amount of the blue light declines. It blinks just before it turns to red and then becomes red all over.'


for pedestrians

撮影者:根っこ 撮影場所:天津 撮影日:2006
Photograph by Nekko, in Tianjin, 2006


This light is for pedestrians.
This type of light (a huge human) can also be seen in Canada.

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