【番外編】 USJの信号機
【Extra】 Traffic Lights in Universal Studio Japan

信号機 traffic lights   謎の標識 mysterious sign

USJの信号機 traffic lights in USJ


撮影者:YKK 撮影場所:Universal Studio Japan (大阪府) 撮影日:2005年9月
Photograph by YKK, in Universal Studio Japan (Osaka), Septermber 2005



This is a traffic light in Universal Studio Japan, a theme park in Osaka, Japan.
Needless to say, this is a mere ornament, so you don't need to follow the lights.
At first I thought this was for cars, but since it has two lights it may be for pedestrians.

A friend of mine who had lived in the US told me that this light is 'the old fashioned American traffic light with the signs that pop out'.
So, USJ may try to represent the good old days of America.


謎の標識 Mysterious Sign

”ped xing”読めますか?

撮影者:YKK 撮影場所:USJ(大阪府) 撮影日:2005年9月
Photograph by YKK, in Universal Studio Japan (Osaka), September 2005

USJにあった謎の看板。なんて読むかYKK氏と数日間悩んだ結果、やっと"pedestrian cross(=x)ing"だと判明した。


さらに脱線すると、古い英語の文献で唐突にだけ出てきたら「10」を表す可能性を疑って下さい。ローマ数字(「時計文字」と呼ぶ人もいる)です。以前 v (=5)だけ出てきて戸惑いました。

A mysterious sign in USJ. Is it English??
I and YKK wondered what this meant for a couple of days, and we reached a conclusion that this is 'ped(estrian) crossing'. (cross = x)
Later I consulted my large English-Japanese dictionary, then I found these two words:

ped. abbreviation for pedestrian
xing 'crossing' (in road signs)
Oh, we didn't need to think about the meaning, if they are on dictionaries...

The entry for x tells me x means 'Christ', 'Christian' and 'cross'.
X stands for Christ or Christians because Christ is Χριστός (Christos) in Greek.
Talking about x, x can stand for 10 in Old English manuscripts, and v for 5.


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