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Page 1: 車用信号機 Lights for Cars  工事現場の信号機 Lights at Construction Site

Page 2: 歩行者用信号機 Pedestrian Lights Type 1  Type 2  調整中の歩行者信号機 Pedestrian Lights Not in Use


歩行者用信号機 その1 Traffic Lights for Pedestrians (Type 1)


撮影者:ほのりあ(管理人) 撮影場所:シェフィールド 撮影日:2012年4月
Photographed by Honoria (webmaster) Sheffield April 2012


These are lights for pedestrians with a push-button.
The first one with green light and the second one with red light are in different street, but they are the same type.
It seems to me most pedestrian lights in UK has a push-button.
Is it universal around the world?? I'm not sure.
I think this type is the oldest of the three types being shown in this page.
When I press a button (it is often missing), 'WALK' appears in the middle of the push-button with ivory light.
The pictures under 'WAIT' explain how to read traffic lights. They don't flash at all.

歩行者用信号機 その2 Traffic Lights for Pedestrians (Type 2)


撮影者:ほのりあ(管理人) 撮影場所:シェフィールド 撮影日:2012年4月
Photographed by Honoria (webmaster) Sheffield April 2012

ボタンを押すとWait for signalの下の四角が赤く点灯する。

This type of traffic lights were set at the height of my waist.
There are two subtypes for this: push-button with a traffic light and without one.
I think a push-button with a light was placed at one side of the end of a crossing road and one without a light at the othe side.
When pressing a button, a square under 'Wait for signal' flashed in red.

調整中の歩行者用信号機 Traffic Lights for Pedestrians Not in Use


撮影者:ほのりあ(管理人) 撮影場所:シェフィールド 撮影日:2012年4月
Photorgaphed by Honoria (Webmaster) Sheffield April 2012


As the cloth shows, this light was not in use.
This kind of things is a bit rare to find in a foreign country.
This light is the same kind as Type 2

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