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Page 1: 車用信号機 Lights for Cars  工事現場の信号機 Lights at Construction Site

Page 2: 歩行者用信号機その1 Pedestrian Lights (1)  歩行者用信号機その2 Pedestrian Lights (2)  調整中の歩行者信号機 Pedestrian Lights Not in Use

Page 3: 歩行者・自転車用信号機 Pedestrian and Cyclist Lights  横断歩道 Crossing

Page 4: 矢印の信号機 Lights with Arrows

通常の交通信号機 Traffic Lights on the Street


traffic light in UK

撮影者:ほのりあ(管理人) 撮影場所:ロンドン(バッキンガム宮殿付近) 撮影日:2003年8月
Photographed by Honoria (webmaster) London (near Buckingham Palace) August 2003

● ● ]→[● ● ]→[ ● ●
● ● ]→[● ● ]→[ ● ●

One big difference between Japanese traffic lights and British ones is how they change from red to green.
In Japan: [● ● ]→[● ● ]→[ ● ●
In UK: [● ● ]→[● ● ]→[ ● ●
I was a bit perplexed to see amber and red flash at the same time.

工事現場の信号機 Traffic Lights at Construction Site


撮影者:ほのりあ(管理人) 撮影場所:ピーク・ディストリクト 撮影日:2011年11月
Photograph by Honoria (webmaster) Peak District, November 2011



In Japan traffic lights at construction site has only two lights, green and red, but in UK they have three: green, amber and red.
Traffic lights at construction site turn in the same way as the ones on the street; red and amber flash before they turn green.
I think this kind of traffic lights with amber is more combinient than the one with just two lights.

By the way, I hiked Peak District when I took this picture.
When I heard 'Peak District' I only thought about Chatsworth, which appears as Mr Darcy's manor in the movie Pride and Prejudice (I prefer BBC version) so I wore sneakers (Converse), but the roads were very muddy with rain and I felt I would fell off from a cliff and die!
In the movie(s) Elizabeth walked with a long skirt, but I'm certain it is not a suitable fashion for hiking at Peak District.

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