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Page 1: 車用信号機 Lights for Cars  工事現場の信号機 Lights at Construction Site

Page 2: 歩行者用信号機その1 Pedestrian Lights (1)  歩行者用信号機その2 Pedestrian Lights (2)  工事現場の信号機 Lights at Construction Site

Page 3: 歩行者・自転車用信号機 Pedestrian and Cyclist Lights  横断歩道 Crossing

Page 4: 矢印の信号機 lights with arrows


矢印の信号機 Traffic Lights with Arrows


撮影者:ほのりあ(管理人) 撮影場所:シェフィールド 撮影日:2012年4月
Photographed by Hornoria (webmaster), Sheffield April 2012


This type of lights shows a green arrow instead of green light.
They seemed to be used to signal that cars could go in one direction where there were a couple of ways.
In this picture, the road was in Y-shape (left way and right/straight way) and this light was for the left way only.
It may seem unnecesary to put a traffic light for cars turning left for there are no cars from the opposite side (like when turning right).
Actually the traffic lights were put so that pedestrians could walk through the road.
(You can see yellow pedestrian ligths under traffic lights for cars.)
I also saw lights with upward arrow (↑).
They were used where the road crosses with no entry road, so that cars won't enter the 'no entry' road.

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